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About Amy Milligan



About Amy Milligan:

Growing up in a small town was the foundation for Amy’s desire to build lasting relationships with those close to her. This would also later serve as the initial foundation for 3Pearls. The youngest of 3 sisters, she learned early on that to stand out you had to be creative, outgoing, and above all else, accessorized!

As an adult, Amy married and moved to Florida where they raised 3 daughters of their own. Forever the crafty mom, she made simple jewelry pieces for her daughters, including single pearl and leather necklaces that they wore to church camp each year. The handmade pieces captured the attention of their friends and soon, the other moms were asking where to buy them.

Once she saw the interest, Amy began to create her own line of affordable jewelry that was flaunt-worthy, genuine, and as unique as each of her customers. When it came time to choose a name for the company, it was an easy decision. Everything began with those pearl necklaces and she wanted to honor their 3 girls so hence — 3pearls was born.


 About 3Pearls Jewelry:

Using raw, natural materials such as dazzling precious gemstones, brilliant freshwater pearls, pave diamonds, and semi-precious metals means no two pieces are ever the same. The creation of each piece is as special as the story it will tell or become a part of whether it is meant as a gift or something purchased for a special occasion. In her own words, Amy shares why being a part of the story is important:

 “When you create something customized and personal you are forever a part of that item’s story. I once got a call from a customer who had collected oyster shells from the South Carolina shore throughout the years of spending time there with family and friends. She wanted one-of-a-kind pieces created from the shells to give to her friends on an upcoming girls’ trip. Using those shells, I created each of them a necklace filled with love and memories and the women, who now live all over the country, treasure those pieces as a symbol of their friendship. This is the true reason why I love to create things. I love to help others create beautiful memories and build or strengthen their most important relationships.”

Amy is also a vocal proponent of improving your relationship with yourself. Her motto is, “never let anyone dull your sparkle!” She believes that there are no rules when it comes to jewelry (so jazz up those yoga pants, girls!) and gifting yourself is just as important as gifting others.

It all comes back to relationships and 3Pearls’ mission is to be a part of those all important stories in your life to help you stand out, whether you’re gifting or wearing our jewelry. If you have a story you’d like to bring to life, please contact us. We’d love to help you design a custom jewelry piece to share it!